Warning: The Magic Tuna Token (MTT) is a cryptocurrency like any other digital asset (even with its deflationary properties). Do not expect to profit. Do your own research before buying any cryptocurrencies. Please do not buy more than you can afford to lose and stay safe. The Tuna Token is extremely dangerous.


The Magic Tuna Token is a completely decentralized token. The token has no owner (Ownership renounced) nor it is directly supported by any team. Most support is through decentralized networks online. This means that no one has control of the token contract. 

The project is an experiment and will remain on the web like Dogecoin and other tokens. You can still purchase the token if you want. I plan on leaving this coin on the internet as a decentralized and swappable purchase forever. 

Do what you want with Magic Tuna. You can still build a community, add more utility, or make it your own and do as you will. Enjoy! 

The token was minted through a free token generator online: